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Is Legend Construction insured and covered under workman's compensation?

Yes, Legend has full liability insurance and employees are covered by workman's comp. Documentation provided upon request.

Do I need a permit for my project?

Most construction projects do require building and or zoning permits. There are exceptions - patios, walkways landscape installations and hard-scapes, as well as repairs or upgrades to structures, usually do not require permits. All jurisdictions are different, so contact your local building/zoning department for local requirements.

Does Legend Construction acquire all permits needed for my project?

Yes, for most projects Legend can draft the permit drawings, and process the permits required. There is no set fee for permits; cost can vary widely depending on the project and the locality requirements.

Do you charge by the square foot?

No, while there is an average square foot cost associated with most projects, each of our projects is unique and is priced accordingly.

Do you build decks with composite materials?

Yes, over the years we have become well versed in composite materials. Information from our suppliers tells us we have done more composite projects than almost anyone in the area.

What kind of maintenance does the composite material require?

One common misconception is that composite materials are maintenance free. This is not the case. It is true that no painting, staining or sealing is necessary for composite materials. Natural weathering, pollution and mold mildew will collect on any exterior surface. Composite materials need periodic cleaning with water or a mild detergent that is recommended by the manufacturer. How often depends on each project location but typically range from once a year to once every couple years.

Are composite decks constructed of 100% composite materials?

No — Composite material is non-structural, meaning it has very limited strength. Therefore all of the deck support structure (posts, joist, beams and stair stringers) is required to be treated lumber. Only the flooring, railings and fascia materials can be composite material.

Does Legend do project design?

Yes, 99% of our projects are designed in house. Legend offers full range design service including basic conceptual design/sketches to detailed construction/permit drawings.

Can I pay with a credit card?

Legend Construction does not currently accept credit cards for labor and services. However, arrangements can be made for customers to pay for materials with a credit card, which typically make up 50% or more of the construction cost. Ask for details during your consultation.

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"We are very pleased with the work performed by Legend Construction. It has made a huge difference in the appearance of our deck. Your crew did an excellent job! We would not hesitate to refer you to others." — Mike and Elsie C.

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